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Health Update

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Courtesy of Russell R Van Hemert DC

How Often Should You Shower?

The honest, albeit utterly vague, answer to the question is it depends. There really isn't a magic number that is right for every person. But, there is a general consensus among dermatologists that as a society we shower too often.

Dermatologists vary in their recommendations, so advice runs the gamut from showering once or twice a week to once every two to three days.

Why the disparity? Everybody's skin, and lifestyle, is unique. So, you have to take into account your personal situation.

A shower every other day or so is a good guideline. Most people can shower every second or third day and still be clean and unlikely to offend your family and co-workers. Babies and young children shouldn't be bathed every day. And as you get older you will probably want to cut back on the number of showers you take a week as well.

Showering more often doesn't make you healthier, and there is no need to shower more often to cleanse away bacteria. The human body is teeming with bacteria, the vast majority being helpful (or at least not harmful.) A daily shower, in many cases, is just not necessary.

Some people do need a daily shower. There are exceptions to this, of course. If you work out daily, live in an especially hot or humid area, work a job where you get dirty/sweaty, or are prone to body odor, you will want to shower every day to rinse away sweat and dirt.

By Angela Palmer | Reviewed by a board-certified physician                                                                      


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