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Health Update

Wednesday, April 25 2018

Courtesy of Russell R Van Hemert DC

Is Complete Abstinence From Junk Foods a Bad Idea?

Junk foods are addictive.

There is no question about it... they light up the same areas in the brain as drugs of abuse (1).

For many people, food addiction can become a very real and very serious problem (2).

The biochemistry of the brain gets hijacked and people lose control over their thoughts and behavior.

They end up eating way too much of these foods and are simply unable to stop, no matter how hard they try.

When it comes to addiction, moderation fails. Every single time. There is no reason to believe that food addiction is different.

Telling a food addict to eat junk food in moderation is about as ridiculous as telling an alcoholic to drink beer in moderation.

It simply does not work, period.                                                        

So... what is the answer for food addicts?

What can they do to finally get rid of the nasty, disease promoting foods from their lives?

The solution is the same as it is with any other addiction... avoiding the addictive substance. Completely.

No junk food on birthdays, no junk food on Christmas. Nothing. Ever. Not a single bite.

For addicts, this is an ALL or NOTHING deal.

Either you avoid junk food completely, or you eat it constantly. There is nothing in between. A single bite will trigger a relapse and ruin everything.

Abstinence is the only thing that works against addiction, period.

You might think that complete abstinence is extremely difficult, but this really isn't the case.

What IS difficult is trying to control a relentless biochemical drive (craving) using willpower. For someone with full-blown addiction, this is simply impossible.

On the other hand, when you've made a decision to never eat this stuff again, sticking to a healthy diet actually becomes much easier. Seriously.

When you don't even invite the option of indulging, then there's no need for you to start justifying anything in your head... so the craving may not even show up.

If you have had multiple unsuccessful attempts at "moderation," then perhaps you should consider eliminating this stuff... completely.

It may end up saving your life.

By Healthline

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