Sports injuries aren’t just happening to professional athletes anymore. They are occurring in people of all ages, of all fitness levels and doing a variety of sport activities. There is a risk of injury with any sport activity you do. These injuries can range from traumatic injuries to repetitive injuries.

Traumatic injuries occur mostly in the ankles, knees and shoulders. Neck and lower back injuries occur less often but can be very serious. If you get a traumatic injury or have been suffering with a repetitive injury for a while, you should see a professional that can help you as soon as possible.

By seeing a chiropractor, they can properly evaluate you. Nearly all injuries can recover, but they need knowledgeable treatment during the stages of healing. Injuries must be carefully monitored and treated or else it could result in a long-lasting joint instability problem that could cause painful and weak joints and muscles.

Van Hemert Chiropractic also does Sports Physicals. You must have your school’s forms and make an appointment.

Dr. Van Hemert is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, (CCSP) and has been trained by the lead physician for the Olympic Training Center. He has been invited twice to work at the Olympic Games.